A Peek Behind the Screen

I read a lot of blogs about running elf games, full of inspiring tables and awesome lore. this is not one of those. This post is more of a real peek behind the stage curtain that is the DM screen. Come and see the grime and grit where we prepare for players and hold itContinue reading “A Peek Behind the Screen”

Sigil: Worlds Undone

This is the start of a game that was set in a multiverse after the great wheel collapsed. Basically, it was going to explore the “canon” of our game with the bad ending. It draws inspiration from the Demon, a SMT roguelike, as well as the monster taming genre of games in general. I wantContinue reading “Sigil: Worlds Undone”

A Selection of My Content

To kick things off I figured I would post small previews of things I’ve written and plan on sharing in detail later. If you like this stuff, expect a lot more! Anesthetic fire It burns away all pain – past, present, and ever. Behind it leaves spectral ghosts of charred flesh, content in their emptyContinue reading “A Selection of My Content”