Monsters In Shattered Worlds

Those who awaken with a Will naturally attract creatures from across the planes who wish to serve, be associated with, or otherwise ride the coattails of them. These can be from a wide variety of discovered planes and walks of life, and a wide variety of ability. By utilizing these beings, the true power of an Artifact wielded can be known.

Mechanically, monsters will serve as both “magic items” and “spells”, granting abilities to a character. They gain power as a character does, but do not act or have turns. they may be given special narrative roles such as friends or second in commands, and could even be used as an “inheritor” of a character’s spark if they die.


The pitiful and disgusting soulless that arrive have it the worse in terms of relations with others, for their bodies are decomposing but never truly expire. they are skeletons, specters, and walking mounds of dead flesh.

Their worlds are similarly bleak. Here you will find endless mounds of loose burial sites or cleared out crypts. Their cities are dark and pitted, or soaked in black oily rain. Most would rather let these worlds collapse back than ever venture here, but they are not without culture and meaning in their own right.

Chris Bourassa of Darkest Dungeon

Ghoul – Ghouls are soulless clones, unable to grow or change except to decay, but who’s pain drives them to fight harder and longer than most.

Bone Grown – An assemblage of various bones gathered from mostly the same creature. Though no ones has seem how, it picks up and adds more bones to itself to improve its own capabilities. It can grow in size, add extra limbs, and even gain supernatural power from the bones of particularly strong foes.

Forlorn Dead – a soul ripped from its material form in an act of extremely violence, now unable to Rest In Peace as there is no place for it to go. Currently, reality has no place for the dead to go to, so when a soul is torn out, it simply lingers and grows more bitter, angry, and disconnected from its mortal life. They can force others to feel their pain, scream out to shatter minds, and eventually possess unwilling bodies.


Any description of Aberrant creatures would be inaccurate on some level. They are those who defy all other descriptions. They can be a wriggling mass of beaks and insect hides, or a floating cube of impossibly perfect sides and angles. Others are pure psychic energy.

The would-be traveler would do best to avoid aberrant worlds, for they are as disorienting and alien as those who come from them. They lack defined meaning and rules. You will find no gravity, no sight, no hearing, no defined logic that can be followed. your feelings can offend the world and your words can spawn maggots – but in these bizarre places you can find the truly marvelous and unthinkable.

I am unsure where this art is from. If you do, please let me know so I can credit it.

Platonic Solid Trypid – logical to extreme, able to dissect anything with cold efficiency. A trypod never flees or stops once given a task unless a quadrid issues a stop order.

Flickering Other – This is you, from another branch of what could be. It speaks at length about this other branch of time, where your life is clearly better – your life there is full of friends, good spirits, and all the success you wish for, and it would very much like to get back to this better life. All you have to do is follow through its mirror…

77 Veils of Beyond – a benevolent but alien being that hides its form behind a swirling vortex of thin veils. At times it appears beautiful, at others angular. As the bond between it and one with Will grows, less veils hide it – and the closer to a terrible truth the Will becomes.


Diabolic beings are all horn, scale, fangs, and tricks. They live to deceive and win – everything is competition or hierarchy. They often are rippled masses or muscle with wicked grins, and most are moments away from engaging in blood sport.

Their worlds are an odd duality – some are orderly suffering and pain, and others are scarred hellscapes of fire and blight. Often they are both competing to carve out more of the pocket world than the other. Where other denizens of most species prefer the company of their own kind, diabolic beings can barely tolerate one another for long.

Kazuma Kaneko, Altus Games

Chained Envy – a brutally large red beast of pulsating jealousy, covered in thousands of chains. It serves, but the chains break as it is denied its wants.

Terrorblight – a shard of primal fear from before the mesocosmic collapse trapped. A embering shadow, this foul being feeds only on the terror of others. It grows as it feeds, and can induce horror in any who witness or hear it. Only one capable of mastering their own inner fears can hope to control it.

The Many Headed – Regal, composed, and wise, this diabolic being seems tame compared to others. this is a being of learning, who controls others not through threat or seduction but by knowledge. In exchange for tasks and favors, it can teach nearly any mundane skill from art to history to dance or even languages.


The vast majority of beings who emerge from the fallen worlds vaguely resemble what some call a human. They possess superficial arms, hands, torsos, heads, and faces. They usually possess legs, and most often have two.

Further, they often are noted for their variety of skills and their ability to improvise. Humanoid worlds are as varied as they are. Most are full of untamed plant life and animals, but unique to humanoid worlds you will find constructed buildings and tools, and ruins of old ones.

The one and only Gretchling by Arnold Kemp

Silver knight – a stalwart mortal gifted beautiful silver armor, a loyal steed, and trained in warfare as well as court. A trusted lieutenant and warrior in their own right.

Gretchling – a wretched, emaciated creature with a large head full of yellowed teeth. While pitifully weak, Gretchlings can adapt to nearly any situation and can become viciously strong given enough attention.

The Believer – this is a mundane person, who could be from any walk of life. But they believe in you, and what you will one day become. As you grow, so do they – able to channel parts of your power. It does not seem that you grant them such power – it is the bond of their faith in you that grants said power. One with a Will would be careful to see that their believers do not twist their own words and misrepresent them.


In Wild worlds and wild folk, there is an old fury beyond philosophy and science. It is the instinct of the animal, the preprogrammed intelligence of plants reaching for the sky.

Wild planets are overgrown with creatures that can eat a person whole and vegetation that can do the same. you will find no buildings or civilization here – just untampered wilderness and beating hearts thirsty to live.

I apologize again but I could not find the source on this. Please let me know if you can!

Barkstag – a dire stag whose skin is hard as bark and who’s eyes glisten like a river stream. Capable of calling a balming rain and shattering bone with its horns.

Mother Moth – Moths once embodied a world of small, soft, and warm beings who were attracted to light, and now this idea lives in the mother moth. this monster seeks to comfort smaller beings with it’s fluttering and excited humming and welcoming, soft fur. When in danger, it defends others with a cloud of toxic spores and a savage full bodied tackle, and can sense magic currents with its antenna.

Fang and Claw – one part bear, one part wolf, one part of all the creatures in wild worlds. This is a true beast of the hunt, who’s claws can tear metal asunder and who’s howl awakens creatures small and large. It relishes in wide open land to exert its own majesty, and seeks to propagate its own young.


Mystics are those with a higher sense of being, connected to forces beyond the perceived. They can see the invisible and peer through time, or even evoke magic unaided by artifact or instrument. Most mystics prefer to obscure their face or shroud their physical forms, or sometimes even lack such things entirely, but all of them have an aura that is unmistakable.

Mystical worlds are crystalline plains of infinite glass spread across a deep purple burst of starlight, or sometimes are small pockets orbiting a hot star that should not be this close without destroying everything. Some are even deep caverns where there is no sight beyond the deeper inner mind.

Again, sorry for the unknown artist. Please let me know if you know who it is.

Shrouded Husk – perhaps once a mortal, this being has transcended physical form, leaving its body as a cicada leaves a husk yet leaving its powerful psychic energy. It hides its form behind layers of thick hoods and robes.

A Stray Thought – A nearly undetectable being of mental energy that can confuse and daze by simply touching someone. Perhaps this is notion escaped during a day dream, or the last ideas of a being before reality fell apart.

Crystalline Lattice shard– they say that somewhere in the hazy fog of nothingness lies a crystal containing the soul energy of trillions who were lost. they also say that this is a piece of it, seeking out someone to bring mercy and justice to these souls, treated with kindness but still trapped in this glass prison. A Crystal shard can read the emotions of others and manipulate them, and focus its own feelings into various attacks.


Solar beings are regal in demeanor and striking in their visual majesty, often with pure skin of solid color and eyes that shine. Many have wings of feathers or light. some even carry splendid objects of beauty like swords or trumpets.

Solar worlds can be literally blinding for travelers and morally suffocating. Their worlds are so perfect that one often feels out of place, like a dirty child caught in an expensive museum. the mountains are silver. The clouds are paintings. The people are kind and brave and speak with impossible voices.

Again, not sure of the source. The Bible?

Laternai – alternating between a beautiful gold woman and a orb of solid, pure light, the lanternai seeks out those in pain to assist. Without a Will to bind them, they dissolve into the morning sunrise once they have given aid.

4000 Feathers Gathered Around the Crown – a burning hot fire sits inside a golden crown, and around it swirls exactly 4000 white feathers. As it bears witness to cruel acts, feathers change to black. Prophecy say that when none of its feathers remain white, it will no longer contain its righteous fury and being the purge of all those who have sinned.

**The Chariot Youth **- An impossibly beautiful man of youth and strength riding in a chariot, always illuminated with a brilliant light. the Youth is a friend to all, or at least tries to be, and will be a loyal companion even in the face of certain death. But he acts rashly, and will assume leadership in one with a Will does not maintain it themselves.


Mechanical beings can have many forms, but it is not the arrangement of features that define them – it is the material. Mechanical beings are made of metals, silicon, and carbon. their minds are not made of the same soft biology of others, but instead process the world with strange logic.

Their worlds are often devoid of magic and full of devices that are inscrutable even to Symbol scholars. wires, gears, steam, and more await in these places, and so too to hazards capable of outrageous destruction.

I have to stop saving cool art and not noting the artist.

Gx-83 – a small arial drone with onboard logic processing. This drone is particularly rebellious but loyal. It also happens to be equipped with remote viewing lens and several explosive charges.

JAVELIN – An odd being that is shaped like a mortal, but has a space for such a being to ride inside its own chest. It seems protective yet armed to the teeth with metal armaments beyond current understanding, such as explosive cans and a beam of intense light that carves flesh.

The Brass Construct – vaguely mortal shaped but with shoulders more broad than wagon, this being is made of thousands of delicate, interlocking brass gears. It’s construction seems impossible, and none can replicate it. Despite the delicate construction it remains very durable, and intelligent.

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