A Peek Behind the Screen

I read a lot of blogs about running elf games, full of inspiring tables and awesome lore. this is not one of those.

This post is more of a real peek behind the stage curtain that is the DM screen. Come and see the grime and grit where we prepare for players and hold it all together as you catch everything on fire and threaten every NPC.

Click this link to forever break the illusion of the “all according to Keikaku” DM

I firmly believe in the image of a DM as a stoic figure who clearly has a plan and knew what you were going to do. Chuck some dice. Slight laugh.

“you didn’t see anything special in the pit.”

This was a map for a mundane house where the players were sentient bugs living in the cupboard.

But it’s all an act! I am a fraud! I only prepare the bare minimum that I need to start the adventure and fill in the details as players explore. Half the time my monsters were hastily scribbled minutes before game and my magic items were written on a sticky note while you were planning your next move.

Each time I run an adventure it’s a little different, and each time I lock a few details in. Sometimes the statue is part of a lock – next time it has a bloodlust aura. I liked the aura, so now it always has said aura. The adventure grows more detailed and engaging each time we play it.

So click this link above and peek behind the curtain. you’ve been warned; this might ruin the magic of DMing for you. We are not inscrutable masters except for Chris Perkins who actually is god in disguise.

What about you?

Are you a bad enough dude to show your real prep?

2 responses to “A Peek Behind the Screen”

  1. If there any DMs brave enough to share their own prep, I plan on sharing it here With their permission. Look for a follow up post going into how I prepare what you saw in the PDF as well.


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