Welcome to Weird Elf Games!

Fantasy and role playing games are what I do. They are the thing I do with my life, the thing I understand the world with. This is a really pretentious way to say I never fucking shut up about them.

The original map I made at 14 years old.

In the Summer of 2004 a young teenager turned to fantasy to escape during a dark time. He found not just a world of fantasy, but an endless series of worlds. And through them, friends. Meaning. And from that day it has been the thing I most loved doing with my time.

Now a days I run games for new players with a friend at our local store, write game content, and occasionally run games for charity donations. I also get to run all kinds of crazy games for my kids too, who are by far the most entertaining players I’ve had.

And so this website is where I will share stuff related to that. Mostly I will share usable things like tables, monsters, cool locations, and general advice. I will also post Play reports of when I run games if i think they have some value to others, or general behind the scene thoughts on mechanics, narrative structure, and the philosophy of games.

So welcome aboard! Hail and well met, friend. Here’s to the next few decades of gaming that I get to share with you!

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